Promote your books!

You’ve published a book!  It’s not easy to write a book, but you set your mind to it and got it done. Congratulations, and best wishes for your success!

Unfortunately, for most new writers, getting a book in print  – or published in a digital edition –  is just the first step. Now you have to tell the world about it. Where do you start? Maybe you’ve sent out a press release and got an announcement in your local paper. You’re promoting it on Facebook and Twitter, and starting to get reviews.

You can also be creative with other types of promotion. How about business cards to hand out? How about a fun t-shirt sporting a full-color cover of your new book? How about postcards or sell-sheets to send out to bookstores and libraries? How about a coffee mug with your book cover on it for a giveaway?


These ideas and more are now easy to make for yourself by visiting the new Show Off Your Books! store.  Check out the promotional ideas, customize them with your own book covers and information, and give them a try.


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