Looking for a novel approach to book promotion?

If you’re a published author wanting to show off your books (that would make a catchy name for a website, don’t you think?), why not look at a few new ways to get your book noticed. Some of the items you can make just for yourself, or use them as giveaways for your fans. The ShowOffYourBooks store on Zazzle makes it easy!

Business cards

Every writer needs something small and inexpensive to hand out to anyone who might be interested in reading their book(s) or getting in touch with the writer again. Inexpensive business cards which you can design yourself with the cover of your book and your chosen information. Use your name, address, and phone number, or just an email address, web address and phone number, and add your book title(s) or something about your book(s).

For simplicity, select a one-sided card, or choose a two-sided card so you have room to add information about your books or yourself on the back.Writer's business card, two-sided, customizable
Writer’s business card, two-sided, customizable by ShowOffYourBooks.

Book Marks –

What better way to promote your book than with a bookmark? Small and handy! Your cover and the basics on the front, a little more information on the back.

Sell Sheets

Do you need something to hand out to bookstores and specialty stores when you ask them to stock your book? How about creating a sell sheet featuring your book cover and the text of your choice. Tell them something about your book and how to order it, add a few brief comments from your best reviews, include an “About the Author” section with your own photo and a bit about yourself.  A sell sheet can be  handed out or sent in the mail.

Now we get to the fun stuff!

For a “novel” giveaway, why not try a t-shirt (several styles, sizes and colors available) or a coffee mug? Better yet, make yourself a customs book tote with the full color cover of your book on the front! Show Off Your Books makes it easy on zazzle.

Click on one of the images below to get to the store.

Use your creative imagination at Zazzle to create your own unique items to promote your books or just for fun!

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