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Going to a writers’ conference? Show off your books!

If you’re an author going to a conference – probably a writers’ conference, but any conference will do – here’s a great idea to help publicize your books. You’re going to need a tote bag to carry around your swag: hand outs, books you purchase, your own books, or even your lunch! Why not be a walking advertisement for your own book?

Carry a tote bag imprinted with the cover of your book. People will be curious and ask you about your book; it will be a great ice breaker or conversation piece. For others, when they see your book later on a shelf or computer screen, it will seem familiar and they’ll stop and take a closer look. Or you can use it to carry extra copies of your book to a book signing at a local bookstore, or even to carry your groceries home from the supermarket.

So why not order yourself a custom tote bag today? You can get your custom tote for as little as $11.95, so order several and use them as giveaways from your blog or Facebook page.

SOYB tote
Click on image to go to Show Off Your Books! store

While you’re at the Show Off Your Books! store, why not order yourself a custom coffee mug, mouse pad, or t-shirt or some bookmarks or business cards to hand out at the conference? Or order some postcards featuring your book cover to send out to libraries or bookstores in your area.

Best of luck selling your books!